The Gastronomy Beer Estrella Damm Draught Beer lands in Bangkok and matches perfectly with the variety of cuisines found in the Thai vibrant gastronomy capital. Click on the map to discover their "SignatureTapSet"

Central Bangkok

May it be amazing finger food or Thai burger or even mind blown crispy shrimp. Find out the TapMap menu now for month of November 2018 on Central Bangkok.



[Dish+48cl. THB 750++]

Floor 54th at Central World 999/9 Rama I Rd,
02-100-6255. Open 4pm-1am

Barcelona draft beer matching with an Andalucian favourite. Tiger prawns, garlic, paprika and Cayenne in olive oil serving over while the prawns are pink and start to curl slightly. The paprika and garlic flavoured olive oil is out of this world, crusty bread to mop up the succulent juices is a must try!


Ribeye Dry Aged With Whiskey
250 Grams

[Dish+2 of 48cl. THB 880]

Floor 1 Groove at Central World,
02-116-8909. Open 11am-1am

The magical meat is the 30 days dry aged with selected Whisky, Jack Daniels. The freshness of Estrella Damm's Draft pairs well with the profile of juicy and nutty steak as it gives a fresh, crisp flavour on the palate and teasing out the sweetness from the meat.


British Fish & Chips

[Dish+ 48cl. THB 570]

479 Naradhiwat Rajanagarindra Rd, Bang Rak
02-023-1616. Open 7am-7pm

One of British national dishes that everyone loves them. The Fish and Chips have moist, tender cod fish fillets wrapped in a light crispy beer batter from a double fry. The trick is to only dip the fish at the last moment before plunging into hot oil to fry. This way we will always have a light and crisp snap to the batter! Served with french fries, tartar sauce and lemon juice. All you need now is a pint of Estrella Damm Draft beer and together they're unbeatable.


Them Crunchy Prawn

[Dish+2 of 48cl. THB 499++]

540 the mercury tower building 4th floor,
062-442-2162. Open 5pm-1am

The combo of crispy fried prawn served with salty-spicy green mango salad from combining the shallots, mango, peanuts, mint, and coriander is outrageous. The savoury crunch is contrasted by the fresh tart green tangy mango salad - serving with chilled Mediterranean draft beer from Barcelona, there are no other dishes quite like it.


Grilled Pork Rib With Honey Smoked BBQ Sauce

[Dish+50cl. THB 679]

31 2 floor, Porticåo Langsuan, Pathum Wan,
02-042-2948. Open 10.30am-12am

The grilled pork ribs that will make your taste buds do the happy dance. Starts with the well selective of Spare Ribs. Follow by in-house marinade with seasoning local ingredients to add a lot of flavours and tenderize the meat. Then throw them on the grill to get that beautiful char and smoky flavour. Result? Moist, flavourful, tenderand melt-in-your-mouth ribs that are seriously addicting!

El Osito

Pintxos Tapas

[Dish+2 of 48cl.THB 880]

888/23-24 Mahatun, Phloen Chit Rd, Pathumwan, 02-651-4399. Open 5pm-12am

Estrella Damm offers you the real Spanish cuisine through our mouthwatering Tapas + Pintxos. Salmorejo: Andalusian's Original cold tomato and garlic puree with bread, hard boiled egg, and diced serrano ham served on top. Perfect cold soup under the heat of Bangkok. Sepia a Feira: Galician style cuttlefish with mashed potatoes, sea salt and smoked paprika. Pintxos: In the Basque Country, you are served 'pintxos', Basque canapés with tuna, shrimp, avocado and jamón.



[Dish+2 of 48cl. THB 490]

Ban Ploenchit Apartment Ruam Rudee Village
02 255 1744. Open 4pm-2am

Good things do come in small packages, same as good time! Try out the magic spell of Italian Ravioli, the dumpling filling with Salmon, Spinach, cheese and potatoes. Pairing Ravioli with fresh draft beer is just 'Mind-Blowing Layers', it will remind you of why we are crazy for Italian cooking and living 'la bella vita'!


Spicy Salmon

[Dish+ 33cl. THB 462]

A307, 3th Floor, Zone Atrium,
064-5966-032. Open 10am-10pm

Fresh Norwegian Salmon delivers a moist, clean, fresh taste, firm texture with fat marbling and an attractive red-orange colouring. Serve with Thai authentic dipping seafood, and fresh draft beer from Spain is the perfect way to balance out the sweet, salty, spicy, and sour flavours with the creamy mouthful of the fish. Try it once and you’ll be hooked!


Accras De Morue & Crevette

[Dish+25cl.THB 390]

15 Yen Akat Rd., Khwaeng Chong Nonsi,
02-249-1684. Open 11.30am-10.30pm

This Exotic Spicy Seafood Cake is a take by the Cagette gourmet team on the famous fritter from French Creole who mastered the skill of blending herbs and spices from their African heritage together with the staple food of the time: salted codfish. The snack made with flour, water, eggs, spices, and of course salted codfish; a secret recipes from Creole cuisine. Dip it in the tartar sauce and enjoy the depth of flavours together with fresh Damm Draft Beer. Joie de vivre! Big Time!


BIRDS Happy Hours Snacking Platter

[Dish+2 of 25cl.THB 650]

378/1 Thanon Nang Linchi, Khwaeng Chong Nonsi,
095-594-6675. Open 5.30pm-10.30pm

BIRDS Happy Hours Snacking Platter: Chicken croquettes and sriracha mayonnaise dip: these bite-size croquettes filled with deliciously creamy ground chicken and coated in crispy breadcrumbs! Glazed teriyaki chicken wings: the sticky glazed wings are packed with flavour. Perfect for party food or served for dinner. Crispy chicken popcorn and smoked mayonnaise: we use our favourite herbs and spices to suit your taste buds with a secret ingredient for super light and crisp texture. The Platter and Damm Draft Beer will enhance your palate and bring the perfect combination to share a great time with Family and Friends.