The Gastronomy Beer Estrella Damm Draught Beer lands in Bangkok and matches perfectly with the variety of cuisines found in the Thai vibrant gastronomy capital. Click on the map to discover their "SignatureTapSet"

Srinakarin, Bang Na

May it be amazing finger food or Thai burger or even mind blown crispy shrimp. Find out the TapMap menu now for month of December 2018 on Srinakarin, Bang Na.

Garden 52

Salmon Zest

[Dish+48cl. THB 550]

9 Soi Sukhumvit 52, Phra Khanong,
091-885-4585. Open Tue to Sun 5 pm - 11 pm.

Fresh Salmon, Mediter-Asian style, topped with light and healthy ingredients, but also a super tasty homemade sauce. With some nice subtle heat from Thai herbs, this dish will spice up your night out or dinner for two. It’s perfect after a long day at work, and goes down easy with some Estrella Damm's Draught refreshing and smooth on the palate.

Pink Tender

Wagyu Rump Himalayan Pink Salt Steak

[Dish+33cl. THB 1,150]

22 Soi Bang Na-Trad 23, North Bang Na,
02-396-0244. Open Tue to Sun 5 pm - 10 pm.

You deserve something delicious and unique to eat; so try our Wagyu Rump Himalayan Pink Salt Steak. The selected meat is Australian Wagyu Rump MBS 8-9, which is lean, full-flavoured and firmer in texture. The pink salt provides a subtle, salty flavour that brings out the buttery texture and creates an exceptional tender meat. To achieve the perfect steak, choose you prefered grilling technique (to keep the steak’s natural fats and juices intact) or pan-seared (for those dripping, juicy flavors). Instead of potatoes, this one comes with the mash soft carrot purée as a side dish.

Wish You Were Beer

E-San T-Bone

[Dish+33cl. THB 295]

The O-Zone Airport, 1529-B Lat Krabang 9/5,
Lat Krabang Rd., 094-505-8888.
Open Daily 5 pm - Midnight.

Fancy a meaty dinner tonight? You will fall in love with our steak made from natural Thai-French beef producer, Pone Yang Kham, branded as Thailand's best premium beef. There’s a whole lot of philosophy when it comes to picking the right steak cuts. T-bones pack a lot of flavours and stay nice and juicy when they’re cooked correctly. A butter-pan-sear cooking technique is used with a touch of brandy drizzled on top when grilled will ensure a richer flavour and more sophisticated crust as the butter mixture and steak juices ooze out during every bite. It’s served with a pair of "E-San Sauces", a unique sweet, spicy and sour dip, that lets you spice it up at will!

Loft Bar (Bang Na)

Chilli Garlic Prawns

[Dish+48cl. THB 800]

58 Soi Bang Na-Trad 23, North Bang Na,
061-665-6415. Open Daily 4 pm - Midnight.
Close Every 2nd & 3rd Sunday of the Month.

In the mood for something crunchy and spicy? You’ll go mad over these chilli garlic prawns! Once the prawns are fried up nice and crispy, it will be top with an authentic Thai sticky sauce, which is spicy, sweet and garlicky. It’s served on a green banana leaf and garnished with chilies and spring onions. The flavors help to contrast with the bitterness of our beer, and these prawns really are finger-licking good!

House of Monster

Crispy Pork Belly Spicy Heaven

[Dish+33cl. THB 280]

1772 Soi Bang Na-Trad 50,
Bang Na-Trad Rd., Bang Na, 062-916-5699.
Open Tue to Sun 11 am - Midnight.

There is one secret to perfectly crispy pork belly, and we discovered from a Chinese Master Chef. Here it is: pricking lots of holes in the pork skin to make the puffy crackling with bubbles when deep fried. The result is incredibly moist pork topped with golden, crunchy crackling. Then, roast with garlic and chilli until fragrant oil spills down and adds a spicy flavour. Combine this with the maltiness of draught beer from Barcelona and you have a "delightful-crispy goodness" every single time.


Mixed Sausages

[Dish+50cl. THB 680]

7 Srinakarin Rd., Bang Na, 02-743-0901,
095-772-0582. Open Daily 11 am - Midnight.

These sausages come in different sizes, shapes and colours. These are incredibly versatile ingredients that always pair well with beer. Debrecener or Debreziner: a Hungarian mild spicy pork sausage, fully cooked and smoked at the smokehouse! Seasoned with marjoram, ginger, red paprika and garlic to create a hearty taste and a nice strong red colour. Thuringer Sausage: a German sausage that is roasted over charcoal or on a grill rubbed with bacon. It is a spicy and thin in shape and features from pepper, caraway seeds, marjoram, and garlic. Accompanied with Vienna Sausage aka Frankfurter and Cheese Sausage.

HOBS (Megabangna)

Spicy Salmon Larb

[Dish+48cl. THB 550]

39, 1st Floor (1218 - 1218.O) Megabangna, Bang Na-Trad Rd., 02-105-1700.
Open Daily 10 am - Midnight.

Did you know that in the kitchen, Larb is a verb? Yes, it is! It is spelled in so many different ways, Larb, Laab, Laap…but the one thing that they have in common is, they are all delicious! The point of this dish is to mix savoury, sweet, sour and spicy flavours together to create balance and, most importantly, the delicate, fine and fragrant aroma of "Khao Kua" - toasted rice powder (or what we call “magic powder”). This spicy, herbaceous, fresh, light, healthy and gluten-free crispy Salmon Larb with Estrella Damm Draught is going to kick your taste buds into maximum gear!

Journey of Meat

Unstoppable Wagyu Beef

Dish+ 2 of 33cl. THB 699++]

9 Ramkhamhaeng 24 Yaek 20 (Rama 9 Soi 41),
02-077-6060. Open Daily 5 pm - 10 pm,
Sat to Sun 11 am - 2 pm, and 5 pm - 10 pm.

The famous Australian Wagyu Beef, seasoned with Thai-style sauce and served with our homemade pickles and jaew - our smoky aromatic Thai dipping from Galangal and dried red chillies flakes. Cooked with a hot air fryer - a healthy-fat-free way of cooking (instead of deep fried) that presents the same flavour without excessive oil. The unique scents of beef combined with good old Thai fish sauce make it irresistible and unstoppable. It goes well with a good Damm Draught Beer.

AB Café & Bar

Angus Ribeye Dry Aged MS 4/5

[Dish+33cl. THB 499]

95/13 The Connect Ramintra, Min Buri,
087-100-1010. Open Daily 5.30 pm - 11 pm.

Our high-quality Angus Ribeye is pan-seared, which cooks a little slower and allows the fat to tenderize. The dry-aging process gives a more intense beef flavour and a rich, buttery aroma. The dish is rich, tender and juicy, and served with a fresh Estrella Damm Barcelona draught beer, it will go down smoothly. A flavorful beef experience!

New Project

Honey-BBQ Oven-Baked Ribs

[Dish+48cl. THB 499]

888/9 Srinakarin Rd., Bangmueang,
Samut Prakan, 02-087-2442.
Open Daily 5 pm - Midnight.

Are you a BBQ enthusiast? If so, you’ll love to try this honey recipe. Honey has long been a buddy of barbecuers. it cuts the tartness or spiciness down on most BBQ sauces, and adds a nice sweetness. The best way to do this recipe is to slow cook the ribs in the oven, then cover them with the sauce and enjoy the sweet, sticky and tangy honey barbecue glaze! A super simple no-fuss recipe that matches well with Estrella Damm Draught beer.